April 5, 2022/Media, Press

#NCSEN CHAOS ALERT: T-4 Days Until Trump Visit

In four days, former President Trump will return to North Carolina to continue wreaking havoc in the GOP primary. During his last visit and surprise endorsement of Rep. Budd, Trump threw the primary into “chaos,” that has only gotten worse since then.

Check out the latest round of nasty infighting below: 

  • Last week, Budd released a song calling McCrory a “RINO” that “talks trash on Trump” and attacking his record, and a Budd adviser is gleefully welcoming Trump back to North Carolina, saying: “There might have been a couple of guys in the audience who didn’t enjoy his speech, but NC Republicans had a great time when President Donald Trump was last in North Carolina.”
  • McCrory continues to charge Budd with being “friendly toward Russia” and “bought” by Club for Growth, who has spent millions in the race, including targeting McCrory. 
  • And Walker is accusing Budd of being a “ghost” on the campaign trail and avoiding debates, saying: “He does not want to have to be on the same stage with me because it creates a contrast.

Amid all this infighting, a new poll reveals numbers that “could force a July run-off,” with 25 percent of the base undecided just one month from the primary election.