July 27, 2020/Media, Press

NCDP Statement on Trump’s Disastrous Record on Women’s Issues

As Joe Biden rolled out his plan to empower women, North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Meredith Cuomo released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s record with women is simply pitiful. From breaking campaign promises to North Carolinans on reducing child care costs, to working to gut the Affordable Care Act, Trump has never had women’s backs. We know this, and it’s why we can’t wait to vote for Joe Biden in November — a leader with a proven track record of advocating for women.”


PROMISE: As he campaigned all across the country in 2016, Trump vowed to “do more for women than anybody else” and specifically said he would support women’s health issues.

REALITY: Trump is aiming to have the entire Affordable Care Act struck down, which would bring a return to the days when insurers could charge women more and did not have to cover maternity care. [New York Times, 6/26/20]

REALITY: The Trump Administration has methodically moved to limit access to birth control and abortion. Trump also issued a Title X gag rule, aiming to strip federal funds from health care providers like Planned Parenthood, leaving many low-income women without access to birth control and other essential reproductive health care services.

PROMISE: Trump promised to “solve” the “big problem” of child care, saying “‘child care is such a big problem.” “We’re going to solve that problem. That means we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and ensure they have affordable quality child care for their kids.” [U.S. News and World Report, 9/13/16]

REALITY: The Trump tax bill reduced the value of the child and dependent care credit for many moderate-income families. “While most of those households still benefit modestly from the TCJA overall, they lost some or all of the benefit of the child and dependent care credit. That is a step backwards in providing additional help to families who pay for child care to work or attend school.” [Elaine Maag, Tax Policy Center, 11/27/18]

PROMISE: At a White House Summit on Child Care and Paid Leave, Trump said “and as a candidate for President, I pledged to advance paid family leave.  With this important step, we are delivering.  And we are really delivering like nobody has, I think, ever delivered before.” [Trump remarks, 12/12/19]

REALITY: The Trump administration scaled back paid leave requirements for employers under covid-19 relief legislation, Exempting Small Businesses With Fewer Than 50 Workers. [New York Times, 4/2/20]

REALITY: Trump’s family leave proposal forces parents to “borrow from their future selves,” fails to cover care for sick family members or protect parents’ jobs while on leave.