August 14, 2020/Media

NCDP Statement on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

North Carolina Democratic Party African American Caucus President Felita Donnell released the following statement on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day:

“On Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, all North Carolinians should stand together to recognize the work that remains to be done to eliminate the racial economic inequality that continues to plague our society. That Black women in America earn just 62 cents for every dollar a white man earns and 21 percent less than what white women earn isn’t just an economic failure, it’s a moral failure as well, and one that we must rectify together. 

“Donald Trump’s administration has not and never will prioritize equal pay for women of color in this country — on the contrary, the president’s tax giveaways and economic policies have only exacerbated the problem and left Black women behind. At a time when our country continues to cry out for justice, we need leaders who aren’t afraid to tackle this issue head-on. 

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris understand the barriers Black women in this country face every day, and they’ll work tirelessly to close the pay gap and empower women of color in North Carolina and across our country.”