March 31, 2022/Media, Press

NC Republicans Opposed HBCU Funding Once. Will They Do It Again?

This week, President Biden announced his budget for Fiscal Year 2023, which would impose a new Billionaire Minimum Income Tax on the wealthiest Americans, reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion over the next decade, advance safety and security at home and around the world, and make the investments needed to build a better America – including investing in new funding for HBCUs. 

Last March, President Biden, Vice President Harris and Democrats in Congress, including North Carolina’s very own champion for HBCUs, Congresswoman Alma Adams, passed the American Rescue Plan, which included over $2.7 billion in funding for HBCUs across the country and over $307 million for North Carolina’s ten HBCUs. 

While President Biden, Vice President Harris and Democrats made these funds possible, not a single Republican in Congress from North Carolina voted to provide our HBCUs this critical funding.

“North Carolina has the second most HBCUs in the country and educates the majority of HBCU students nationwide. President Biden’s budget would continue on the progress made by the American Rescue Plan to provide North Carolina’s HBCUs necessary investments to prioritize and ensure their future. The entire North Carolina Republican congressional delegation already voted against this funding once, and now, North Carolinians deserve to know if they’ll do it again,” said NCDP Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty

The Biden-Harris administration has prioritized funding for North Carolina’s HBCUs: