April 5, 2021/Media, Press

NC Democrats See “Glimmer Of Hope” On Medicaid Expansion As Republican Pressures Rise: “This Could Be The Year.”

The News & Observer reported today on the ongoing fight for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina, as Democrats see an opportunity this year to finally extend health insurance to the hundreds of thousands that fall in the coverage gap.

Representative Verla Insko sees a “glimmer of hope.” Why?

  • N&O: “Sen. Kevin Corbin, a Macon County Republican, spoke on March 25 at a listening session on Medicaid expansion in North Carolina…Corbin told the audience he planned to file a bill within the following two weeks to expand health care coverage.”

  • N&O: “The federal American Rescue Plan offers a financial incentive for the 12 states that haven’t passed Medicaid expansion to do so now. North Carolina Democrats put out a statement Thursday that said the state could lose out on $2.4 billion if lawmakers fail to expand Medicaid.”

  • N&O: “Insko added that Republicans appear to be getting outside pressure to pass a Medicaid expansion. She said that included pressures from veterans’ groups and businesses.”

Even more, Medicaid expansion is widely popular among North Carolinians, and Sen. Corbin said advocating for it “did not hurt [him],” even in his conservative district. That’s why deep-red states like Alabama and Wyoming have considered taking the deal. North Carolina Democrats have filed their own Medicaid expansion bill, and have hope that “this could be the year.”

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