July 21, 2020/Media

NC Democrats Slam Trump’s Failed Record on Child Care

Today Vice President Joe Biden unveiled his plan to invest in working families and caregivers, the latest plank of his Build Back Better economic recovery package. The plan would invest $775 billion over 10 years to support working parents and guardians in need of affordable child care. 

After pledging on many occasions in 2016 to make child care more affordable for working families, Donald Trump has let costs rise on his watch; in North Carolina alone, infant care costs 28.9% more than in-state tuition for four-year college. 

NCDP Communications Director Austin Cook released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump’s empty promises to reduce the cost of child care show exactly how detached he is from the struggles of everyday Americans. The high costs of quality child care and early development programs hurts our children, prevents parents and guardians from entering the workforce, and leaves millions of families in financial uncertainty. While the Trump administration doesn’t even pretend to have a plan to address this issue, Vice President Biden’s proposal lays out concrete steps that will empower working families and spur economic growth across North Carolina. The difference between the two approaches could not be more clear.”