December 14, 2021/Media, Press

McCrory’s Complaint Tour Intensifies Infighting In #NCSEN GOP Primary

The nasty and personal infighting in the GOP senate primary continues to be on full display after failed politician Pat McCrory went on a complaint tour, slamming rival Ted Budd for refusing to debate and accusing him of hiding behind a “smear campaign.” 

  • During an appearance on his former radio station McCrory slammed Club for Growth for its negative attack ads, accusing them of buying the U.S. Senate seat, and being Ted Budd’s “personal campaign piggy bank.” McCrory also renewed his calls for debate, saying Budd was “hiding behind a $10 million, Washington-based, smear campaign.” 
  • On Capital Tonight, McCrory hit Budd for seeking endorsements, saying: “Anyone who has to rely on the shoulders of other people and not their own accomplishment and own skill is a candidate that’s not going to win.” 
  • In a tweet yesterday, McCrory got even nastier, saying: “If Ted Budd can’t even stand on the debate stage with me, then imagine how poorly he’ll handle Chuck Schumer!” 

This field of candidates is making a mess out of their primary, leaving a big clean-up job for North Carolina Republicans in 2022.


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