July 28, 2022/Media, Press

KEY VOTE ALERT: Budd Opposes Bill To Strengthen the Economy and Hold China Accountable

In response to Congressman Budd’s vote today against a bipartisan bill to increase domestic semiconductor chip manufacturing, North Carolina Democratic Party spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder released the following statement: 

“Ted Budd picked China over lowering costs for North Carolina families, strengthening supply chains, creating good-paying jobs, and ensuring America can out-compete the global economy. It’s clear North Carolinians can’t trust Budd to put partisanship aside and do the right thing for his constituents, which is why  voters will unite against him this November.”

Budd previously voted against the America COMPETES Act that would strengthen supply chains, hold China accountable, and ensure North Carolina workers, farmers, and manufacturers have the necessary tools to compete in the global economy.”