November 1, 2022/Media, Press

ICYMI: One Week Out, NCDP Chair, State Rep. & Economist Wesley Harris, & Apex Mom Remind Voters Of Congressman Budd’s Refusal To Combat Inflation, Lower Costs For Families

Just one week out from Election Day, North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson, State Representative and PhD economist Wesley Harris, and Apex mom Kim Brugh held a press conference highlighting the clear contrast in the North Carolina U.S. Senate race with Congressman Budd repeatedly voting against tackling inflation and strengthening the economy. Throughout his six years in Washington, Congressman Budd has always put the interests of the corporations that fund his campaigns over lowering costs for North Carolinians.

The event came as parents from across North Carolina sent Congressman Budd a letter slamming his failed record on the economy and refusal to combat inflation.

Watch the full event here.

“North Carolina deserves a Senator who will stand up for them and work across the aisle to lower costs and address the economic challenges facing our families. But Congressman Budd has a proven record of doing exactly the opposite. As early voting continues throughout this week, we are making clear that North Carolinians can’t afford his agenda in the U.S. Senate,” said NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson.

“Our country faces a lot of challenges and they are difficult to solve in the best of times, but they are damn near impossible when one party would rather use the crisis for political games than put forward any actual solution. If you think for one second that Ted Budd is going to get into office and not do everything in his power to obstruct and slow down our recovery, you simply haven’t been paying attention,” said State Representative and PhD economist Wesley Harris. 

“I signed onto this letter because it’s time we elect leaders who do more than just talk about what needs to change and actually do the work to fix it. For families like mine, inflation has stretched our household budgets thin. And I’ve watched Congressman Budd try to use our challenges as political talking points, while repeatedly voting against legislation that would lower our costs,” said Apex mom Kim Brugh.