December 20, 2021/Media, Press

ICYMI: Economist and State Representative Talks Inflation

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER EDITORIAL: “What is clear is that without relief measures we wouldn’t be talking about inflation right now, but we would be struggling with near double-digit unemployment, people out of work, people forced out of their homes, and entire communities broken apart.”

While Republicans cheer on rising costs, Wesley Harris, a PhD economist and Democrat in the N.C. House of Representatives serving Mecklenburg County explains why it’s happening and likely alternatives had the government not intervened. 

Around mid-March 2020 when the global economy shutdown Rep. Harris explains that our nation’s leaders had a choice: “do nothing and see a massive increase in unemployment and a catastrophic wave of financial defaults, or come together and pass an aid package to ensure Americans had the resources to make it through the pandemic.” Thanks to the American Rescue Plan,  many families could  pay for basic necessities and stay safe in their home, millions got vaccinated, and businesses were able to keep their doors open. While there has been a shift back to pre-pandemic spending, he reminds us that much like a car that has been turned off in winter, it will take some time for our “economic engine” to fully heat back up. 

To learn more read the full Charlotte Observer editorial. 

Charlotte Observer: NC Democrat/economist: What you really need to know about inflation