September 8, 2020/Media, Press

ICYMI: As N.C. Tops 177,000 COVID-19 Cases, Local Republican County Commissioner Tells Trump to Wear a Mask Tonight

Ahead of Trump’s rally in Winston-Salem, the Republican Chair of the local County Commission says “there is no excuse” for the president to not wear a mask

North Carolina has already recorded an additional 1,000 cases on Monday 

Raleigh – Before Trump’s arrival in the Triad today, Republican Forsyth County Commissioner Dave Plyler is calling on the president to abide by Governor Cooper’s health guidance and wear a mask during his campaign rally tonight. Plyler said, “So you get that many people in one place, and I don’t think several thousand people are going to give themselves 6 feet apart, not at that airport. And you’ve got problems.”

Trump’s rally comes just as the state recorded another 1,000 cases of the virus so far on Monday. North Carolina’s total has now exceeded 177,000 cases while the state’s death toll approaches 2,900.

CNN: Local GOP official says Trump should follow North Carolina mask order

  • Even the Republican chairman of the local county commission says Trump himself should wear a mask during his event, a virtually unimaginable prospect for a President who has been mocking his rival for wearing one and who demanded reporters remove their face coverings when asking him questions on Monday.
  • Plyler — a top Republican official in the county he Trump is visiting — said the situation on the ground there should warrant a change in Trump’s mask-wearing behavior.
  • “We’ve got 6,000 people with the virus right now in this county. And the latest statistic is, out of the 6,000, I think is that 86 have passed away from it,” he told CNN. “My concern is — we’ve got the virus here. The virus doesn’t give a rip whether it’s the President or God Almighty himself. It’s going to find its place. And the way we have to figure this, at least in my mind, is that we all have to be careful about it.”

ABC News: GOP county chair calls on Trump to wear mask at NC rally: ‘There is no excuse’

  • “It’s been ordered by the governor,” Plyler said of state’s face-covering edict. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in North Carolina, do as the governor says.”
  • “He is a citizen of the United States, but he is also a guest in our county,” Plyler said of Trump’s upcoming visit.
  • Trump did not wear a mask during his trip to the state two weeks ago when he delivered remarks at the start of the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, nor did many of the attendees, despite the RNC claiming it would be mandatory.

HuffPost: North Carolina Republican Implores Trump To Wear Mask At Upcoming Visit

  • The GOP chairman of a North Carolina county commission has implored President Donald Trump to follow local requirements and wear a mask when he makes a campaign stop at Winston-Salem this week.
  • “There is no excuse,” Dave Plyler, the chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, told the Winston-Salem Journal. “He just needs to do it.”
  • In past visits to other cities battling the spread of the virus, Trump, who is generally seen barefaced in public, has flouted local guidelines and ignored pleas from officials to wear a mask and lead by example.

Raw Story: North Carolina Republican forced to beg desperately for Trump to wear a mask while in town

  • North Carolina is among the top states in the country that is remaining steady in coronavirus cases and at least one Republican county commissioner desperately wants it to stay that way, said the Winston-Salem Journal.
  • President Donald Trump is scheduled to host a rally at the Winston-Salem airport Tuesday evening and Dave Plyler, the Republican chairman of Forsyth’s county commission told the president to wear a mask.
  • All Trump fans must assume that they’re being exposed to COVID-19 and sign a release saying that they accept all responsibility and won’t sue Trump if they die.