January 28, 2021/Media, Press

Growing Fallout For NCGOP As Another Major Donor Halts Political Donations After Capitol Insurrection

North Carolina Republicans continue to experience growing fallout after Donald Trump attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 election – aided by the North Carolina Republican congressional delegation – after the News & Observer reported Tuesday that S.A.S. CEO and major in-state GOP donor Dr. Goodnight will discontinue his political donations to anyone who fought the certification of the electoral votes. 

Goodnight’s decision comes after Duke Energy, Bank of America, and other major GOP corporate donors announced that they would pause political donations after the Capitol riot. According to data from the Charlotte Observer, “the seven North Carolina congressmen who objected to Joe Biden’s confirmation raised more than $195,000 from political action committees belonging to some of the state’s largest companies.” 

As Anna Beavon Gravely, the executive director of the NC FreeEnterprise Foundation said: “Any time you talk about major stakeholders removing financial investment in political campaigns, it’s a big deal.” 

“North Carolina Republicans continue to dig themselves into a deeper hole,” said Kate Frauenfelder, NCDP communicators director. “Motivated by political fear, they took the unbelievable vote to thwart the will of the American people, and are now voting against impeachment, failing to hold Donald Trump accountable for inciting a deadly insurrection. Meanwhile, the divides between Republican elected officials and their once-friendly donors grow deeper and deeper. The GOP civil war is brewing, and there’s no way back for North Carolina Republicans who have hitched their wagon to Trump.”