April 21, 2022/Media, Press

GOP #NCSEN Candidate “Concerned” With “Ruthlessly Divided” Party

In last night’s GOP Senate primary debate, the candidates were asked if they would support the general election nominee, no matter who it was. After Pat McCrory and Mark Walker both reluctantly said yes, Marjorie Eastman used her time to express “concern” with the divisive and combative nature of the primary, and what that might mean for party unity in a general election. 


“Right now, our party is ruthlessly divided.

“There are fissures.

“This is a family feud that’s not good.

“And I’ll tell you this — it’s going to be really hard to come back together, and so, I’m concerned.”

This comment comes after reporting from The Hill citing “worry” among Republicans about the impact that a “chaotic and expensive primary contest” would have on the November midterms. This week, Club for Growth launched a $1.5 million negative ad campaign slamming Pat McCrory, another in the series of brutal attack ads by the outside group which has been dumping money into the combative primary.