August 12, 2022/Media, Press

FACT CHECK: Budd Voted Repeatedly Against Funding the Police

As Congressman Budd attempts to tout his support for law enforcement, his voting record tells a different story. During his time in Congress, Budd voted against billions of dollars in funding for law enforcement.

Key Points: 

  • In 2017201820192020, and 2021, Ted Budd voted against legislation that provided billions of dollars in funding for police, including millions for North Carolina law enforcement.
  • In 2021, Congressman Budd voted against legislation to fund police departments despite Senators Tillis and Burr’s vote for it, which they called a “top priority” and an “essential and long overdue” package.
  • With his votes against this legislation, Congressman Budd tried to stand in the way of:
    • Over $24 million total allocated to law enforcement agencies in North Carolina.
    • $750,000 in funding to hire and retain police for Graham, North Carolina – a city in Budd’s district.
    • $7 million total to support efforts in North Carolina to combat the opioid crisis.