March 9, 2022/Media, Press

ICYMI: Expanding Access to Health Care is “The Economic Solution North Carolina Needs”

Leader Robert Reives: “Estimates suggest Medicaid expansion would create nearly 85,000 jobs in our state. It would be the biggest economic development announcement to date. And unlike most economic development, the jobs from expansion would be spread across the state. The jobs would not be in health care alone, but would also include every aspect of our local businesses.”

House Democratic Leader Robert Reives of Chatham County recently explained how North Carolinians could benefit from increased access to health care if legislators came together to pass Medicaid expansion. North Carolina remains one of a dozen states that still has yet to expand Medicaid, but Leader Reives says this could be the year that changes. 

Last week the North Carolina Rural Center presented to a joint committee of House and Senate members on the positive impacts of Medicaid expansion and cited the potential for “the biggest economic development to date.”

There are more than 600,000 North Carolinians who would become eligible for health care coverage if Medicaid was expanded. Leader Reives reminds us that legislators “know how to work together when we want to” which is why he’s optimistic about expanding access to health care. Medicaid expansion will provide the security necessary for North Carolinians to lead healthier lives focused on the success of their dreams, families, and communities.

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