October 5, 2020/Media, Press

Dan Forest Said He’d Talk to His Running Mate, Mark Robinson, About His Inflammatory Facebook Posts 5 Days Ago … We’re Still Waiting.

Will Forest and the NCGOP Denounce Robinson’s Hateful Posts? 
Raleigh – At a campaign event last week, Forest was asked if he’d speak with his running mate Mark Robinson about his inflammatory, hateful social media posts first reported by WRAL. Forest replied, “Yeah probably will sometime … I will.”

It’s been five days and Forest hasn’t said anything to Robinson. Will Forest keep his word?

Last week, the North Carolina Democratic Party called on Forest to immediately denounce Robinson’s Facebook posts. NCDP also called on NCGOP to stop running Robinson-Forest ads, including the one they tweeted out over the weekend after the WRAL article was released.


  • WRAL reported that Robinson has shared inflammatory, hateful posts on Facebook for years. In a recent interview, Robinson blatantly defended the posts in which he claimed that systemic racism doesn’t exist, climate change isn’t real, and that former President Barack Obama is a “worthless, anti-American atheist.”
  • Forest and Robinson have appeared in multiple campaign ads together where they spread fear-mongering, extremist messages. On the same day that WRAL reported their story, Forest tweeted a photo from the ad where he reiterated his support and excitement to be running with Robinson.
  • “Mark Robinson’s unapologetic views are hateful and appalling. With his refusal to apologize, Robinson has made his stance clear. Is this what NCGOP and Dan Forest stand for and agree with? Will Dan Forest talk to Robinson about his inflammatory posts?” said NCDP Communications Director Austin Cook. “The NCGOP and Dan Forest should denounce these vile posts and take down the Robinson/Forest ads immediately.”