October 25, 2020/Media, Press

NCDP statement on Pence’s rally in Kinston tonight

Raleigh – Ahead of Pence’s rally in Lenoir County, NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwinreleased the following statement:

“If Donald Trump and Mike Pence won’t even take the necessary steps to protect their own staff from the virus, how can North Carolinians trust them to protect the rest of us? A visit from Mike Pence to give a speech full of empty campaign promises isn’t going to mean anything to Lenoir County residents after the Trump-Pence administration has already proven they can’t deliver.

“Trump promised us he had the virus under control, but more than 4,100 North Carolinians have died. Trump promised us he would come up with a ‘much better’ health care plan than the Affordable Care Act — that plan still doesn’t exist. North Carolinians are sick of the chaos and broken promises. We deserve better and that’s exactly what we’re going to get if North Carolinians turn out to cast their ballots for Joe Biden by November 3rd.”