April 20, 2022/Media, Press

Ted Budd Will Repeal ACA & Spike Health Care Costs

In multiple interviews yesterday, Rep. Ted Budd made it clear that if elected, he would work to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would lead to  higher premiums and threaten preexisting conditions protections for North Carolinians. 

  • On the Ruthless Podcast, Budd called it unfortunate that Republicans weren’t able to repeal the Affordable Care Act in the U.S. Senate: “You know, we passed health care reform in the house, but unfortunately, didn’t make it to the Senate.”
  • He went even further in a radio interview, criticizing Republican Senators who missed their “shot” to repeal the ACA and were “fighting against President Trump and us trying to overturn it.” 

“Over and over again, Republicans have confirmed that if they win control in DC, they’ll get right back to work to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and Ted Budd is making it clear that he’ll be a rubberstamp for a toxic agenda that would increase health care costs and take away critical protections for people with preexisting conditions,” said NCDP spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder. 

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would mean that: 

  • Insurance companies can rip away coverage from hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions
  • More than 360,000 North Carolinians won’t be eligible for free or low-cost health care coverage.
  • North Carolinians with private insurance could see their premiums skyrocket.
  • Women could be charged more for their insurance.
  • Health insurance premiums could massively spike.
  • And, over 670,000 North Carolinians could see their costs increase.