April 14, 2023/Media

As Robinson Announcement Draws Near, Folwell Attacks Signal Chaotic GOP Primary To Come

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is set to announce his campaign for governor next Saturday and his primary opponent Dale Folwell is already foreshadowing the attacks in what is sure to be a messy Republican primary fight.

In several interviews since he announced his 2024 campaign for governor, Folwell has sought to draw a contrast between himself and Robinson, attacking his record or lack thereof:

1,000 days ago, no one had ever heard of our lieutenant governor.” 

In the last two years, all he has been doing is campaigning.” 

I have complete confidence that the voters are sophisticated and knowledgeable enough to know the difference between someone who just attacks people versus someone who actually attacks problems on their behalf.” 

“I’m going to let him be who he’s been over the last 1,000 days, and I’m going to be who I’ve been over the last 25 years as a public servant.”

This week, a North Carolina columnist noted that the Republican primary “could be quite entertaining,” a “defining moment,” for the party that would “draw a line in the sand forcing those in the party to choose sides.”