March 22, 2022/Media, Press

“Onslaught” Of Attack Ads, Infighting Dominate #NCSEN GOP Primary

The GOP Senate field is reaching new levels of infighting and outside spending as the candidates continue to undermine their rivals in the “contentious” primary fight.

  • Reporting from WRAL notes that voters across the state will “soon be inundated” with television ads from Club for Growth, a group that has backed Ted Budd and plans to spend a total of $14 million before the primary. The spending has drawn ire from Budd’s candidates who say he’s trying to “buy a U.S. Senate seat” and will be beholden to DC Super PACs. Club for Growth’s CEO called the attacks “desperate.”
  • Budd is also out with a new website called, that characterizes Pat McCrory as a “squishy rino, career politician, and not conservative,” highlighting his losing record as a candidate, past ethical scandals, and his record raising taxes.

“Whoever survives this nasty primary is going to have to have a lot of work to do to pick up the pieces before November,” said NCDP spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder.