February 12, 2020/Press

NEW POLL: Tillis *Still* Underwater And Unpopular With North Carolina Voters

More voters continue to disapprove of Senator Tillis’ job performance than approve, and Tillis’ approval rating continues to be weak and mired in the low 30s, according to a new poll from High Point University released today. Here are highlights:

  • Tillis’ approval is underwater and a plurality of voters *still* don’t know who he is. 33% disapprove vs. 31% who approve vs. 36% who don’t even have an opinion of their incumbent U.S. Senator despite Tillis having been in office for more than a decade and spent more than $700,000 on primary campaign ads just last year.
  • President Trump is 8 points underwater with North Carolina voters. 50% of voters disapprove of the president vs. 42% who approve.
  • Tillis trails Trump’s approval rating by 9 points despite shamelessly bear-hugging the President for a year.

Today’s poll is just the latest red warning light for Senator Tillis and North Carolina Republicans. Last month, new quarterly polling from Morning Consult found that Senator Tillis is “still in negative territory” with North Carolina voters and continues to have the lowest approval rating of any U.S. Senator.

Previous Morning Consult analyses found that Tillis is being dragged down by an unpopular president and that Tillis has a “trust problem” with GOP voters after he “lost credibility with North Carolina Republicans.

Tillis is one of the “most vulnerable senators up for reelection this year,” as one election analyst after another have shifted this race to “Toss Up” because Tillis’ “personal favorability numbers are not good,” he has an “image problem” with voters, and he’s a self-serving Washington politician who “voters of all ideological stripes simply don’t trust” because he stands for nothing except himself.

Read the full poll from High Point University online here.