June 16, 2020/Press

NC House Democrats Highlight Legislation to Ensure a Sound and Basic Education

North Carolina House Democrats today held a press call about HB 1129 and HB 1130 and the goal to ensure and invest in a Sound Basic Education for all of North Carolina’s Children.

“The biggest problem facing our communities’ schools is lack of resources and support,” said Rep Julie von Haefen (HD-36), sponsor of HB1130. “Funding public education is necessary to ensure each child gets the instruction and attention they need to be fully prepared for success in life. As a former education lawyer and Parent Teacher Association leader, I am proud to be a sponsor of this legislation.”

This legislation benefits both our teachers and our students. The bills allow high performing teachers to receive raises so our best teachers can stay in the classroom. It also allocates funds to make sure we train and keep educators through Expanded Early Childhood Pipeline and Teaching Fellows programs.

“We must fight to ensure that all children are given a great education and that our teachers are respected as professionals,” said Rep Rosa Gill (HD-33), sponsor of HB1130. “As an educator, a mother and a legislator, I know the value of highly qualified teachers and a good education. Public education plays a vital role in creating a well trained workforce that will help recruit and retain new businesses and give our children their best chance at success.”

To ensure each student has a sound and basic education, this legislation increases supplemental funding for low-wealth school districts and eliminates the antiquated A-F grading system which unfairly downgraded underprivileged schools. Additionally, these bills rebuild the state’s capacity to provide turnaround assistance for chronically low-performing schools with funding and flexibility.

“North Carolina was once known nationwide for its commitment to education, from pre-K to our top-notch university system,” said Rep Raymond Smith (HD-21), sponsor of HB1129. “It is more important than ever that we renew North Carolina’s commitment and make a sound and basic education for all a top priority again. I represent a school district named in the case, it is time that we make these changes, actually it’s far past the time.”

The full audio can be found HERE.