October 3, 2019/Press

Another Non-Partisan Analyst Moves NC Senate Race Rating to “Toss Up,” Says Tillis “Sweating” GOP Primary

Raleigh – Yet another national, nonpartisan elections analyst has moved the North Carolina Senate race in the Democrats’ direction, moving the race from “Lean Republican” to “Toss Up.” The analysis specifically points to Senator Tillis’ weakness with voters of all political backgrounds, saying his “personal favorability numbers are not good,” and notes that Tillis is “sweating” his increasingly nasty – and expensive – Republican primary with Garland Tucker that’s “pushing him to embrace Trump strongly.”

Two weeks ago, the nonpartisan elections analysts at Cook Political Report similarly moved the Senate race in Democrats’ direction because of Senator Tillis’ weakness with voters, summarizing Tillis’ “self-inflicted wounds” in one brutal sentence: “The bottom line is that voters of all ideological stripes simply don’t trust Tillis.

Senator Tillis is a timid, weak-kneed politician who puts his political career before North Carolina. His meekness earned him an expensive, far-right primary with Garland Tucker, who is hammering the weak incumbent for his many egregious flip-flops, including his infamous flip flop that’s now raiding $80 million from North Carolina military bases and causing military families to “question” his commitment to them and ask “How can we trust you to fix it if you’re taking money from us actively for a border wall?

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