April 26, 2022/Media, Press

Ted Budd Ducks Debate Stage After Laying Out His Pro-Special Interest, Bad for North Carolina Agenda

Throughout this brutal primary, Ted Budd has consistently ducked debates and dodged questions and North Carolina voters may have just seen why. In a new eyebrow-raising interview with CBS17, Budd made it clear that his top priority is looking out for himself and the special interests that fund his campaign, not North Carolinians.

Here’s 4 examples  – from one interview alone – of Budd’s pro-special interest, bad for North Carolina agenda (no wonder he’s afraid to get on the debate stage)

  • Ted Budd is “proud” of the Republican’s 2017 tax bill that blew a $2 trillion hole in the nation’s deficit and rewarded big corporations and the wealthiest Americans, while leaving working families in the dust. 
  • While child care remains a top issue for North Carolina parents and businesses, Budd confessed he would do nothing to solve it as a U.S Senator.
  • He welcomed the millions of dollars pouring into the race from special interest group Club for Growth that will continue to prioritize wealthy corporations over working families and expect Budd to fall in line.
  • When asked his stance on reproductive rights, he admitted to fully ban abortion, without any exceptions – not even for rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.