June 1, 2021/Media, Press

As Trump Returns To North Carolina, NCDP To Host Statewide Day Of Action To Promote President Biden and Democrats’ Success With The American Rescue Plan

North Carolina Democrats are launching a statewide Day of Action on Saturday, June 5, to spread the word that “help is here” to the people of North Carolina. Volunteers across the state will be knocking doors, phone banking, and talking with their neighbors about how the American Rescue Plan benefits them — from the $1,400 checks, to building an effective vaccination distribution, and helping our teachers and students return to school safely.

“While the Republican Party has chosen to throw our democracy and the truth by the wayside, President Biden and Democrats are hard at work undoing the damage of the Trump administration, delivering on their promises, and getting our country back on track,” said NCDP Executive Director Meredith Cuomo. “We are committed to making sure every voter knows that this is what happens when Democrats are in charge.”

As the former president returns to North Carolina for the GOP convention, NCDP will be focused on a clear message: The American Rescue Plan is already bringing much-needed relief to North Carolinians across the state, no thanks to a single Republican.