September 2, 2020/Media, Press

NCDP Statement on Trump’s Airport Rally in Winston-Salem

Raleigh – Following the announcement that Donald Trump will hold a full-scale rally in Winston-Salem next week, NCDP Communications Director Austin Cook released the following statement:

“Just as he spreads misinformation about phony coronavirus treatments and ignores our public health experts, holding a full-blown, in-person rally is a dangerous dereliction of Donald Trump’s responsibility to protect public health. Instead of offering North Carolinians leadership or help, he’s trying to spin his incompetence with another photo op. Voters in the Tar Heel State don’t want a president who denies science and jeopardizes our safety in a desperate bid to help his own campaign; they want a president who will address this crisis with the clarity and seriousness the moment demands, and that’s Joe Biden.”