November 11, 2022/Media, Press

NCDP Statement Honoring Veterans Day

North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Dr. Bobbie Richardson and NCDP Veteran and Military Family Caucus Chair Dr. Vikki Andrews released the following joint statement honoring the service and sacrifice of North Carolina’s veterans and veteran families this Veterans Day:

“Today, we honor generations of North Carolina veterans and veterans nationwide that have served and sacrificed to protect our great country and democracy against its enemies – both foreign and domestic. Wherever and whoever they are, all of our veterans are united by a shared strength and bravery that pushed them into a life of public service – to commit to a higher purpose beyond themselves – for our nation and we owe them all a great deal for that commitment and sacrifice. Thanks to them, our democratic values – freedom, liberty, justice, and democratic integrity – are fiercely protected. From all of us here in North Carolina, thank you.

“We would also like to take this time to thank the military families that also demonstrate a great deal of bravery and grace as they endure the great sacrifice of being apart from their loved ones – with the risk that distance may not soon be closed. Their strength and perseverance through struggles at home – in our communities – is a testament to the service of those around the members of the military. When one person serves, so does their entire family, so we would also like to extend our thanks to them today as well.

“May all of our veterans and military families find a moment of peace and calm today as we all reflect on the debt that we all owe to them for their commitment to the defense of our country.”