June 1, 2022/Media, Press

North Carolina Democratic Party Celebrates Pride Month

North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) Chair Bobbie Richardson, LGBTQ+ Democrats of North Carolina President Tyler Beall, and NCDP Transgender Political Caucus President Angela Bridgman released a joint statement to commemorate Pride Month. 

“This Pride month, North Carolina Democrats celebrate what started more than 50 years ago, and reaffirm our commitment to combating hate and fighting for equality. While President Biden and North Carolina Democrats continue to make progress in protecting the LGBTQ+ community, this work is far from complete.

“Our state’s highest-ranking Republican, Mark Robinson, spews hateful anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and Republicans at the General Assembly are pushing a North Carolina ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill. It’s clear that the North Carolina Republican party fails to demonstrate the respect and integrity needed to make our state welcoming and successful.

“As Democrats, we must continue to reject hateful legislation that threatens to erode progress. We choose to stand with and celebrate our LGBTQ+ community because no one should be discriminated against for who they are or who they love.”