September 29, 2020/Media

NCDP Calls on NCGOP To Stop Running Robinson-Forest Ad After Reports Surface of Robinson’s Inflammatory Facebook Posts

Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party is calling on the North Carolina Republican Party and Republican nominee for governor Dan Forest to immediately denounce Republican nominee for lieutenant governor Mark Robinson’s inflammatory Facebook posts. Additionally, NCDP is calling on NCGOP to stop running Robinson-Forest ads, including the one they tweeted out over the weekend.

Last week, WRAL reported that Robinson has shared inflammatory, hateful posts on Facebook for years. In a recent interview, Robinson blatantly defended the posts in which he claimed that systemic racism doesn’t exist, climate change isn’t real, and that former President Barack Obama is a “worthless, anti-American atheist.”

Forest and his running mate have appeared in multiple campaign ads together where they spread fear-mongering, extremist messages. On the same day that WRAL reported their story, Forest tweeted a photo from the ad where he reiterated his support and excitement to be running with Robinson.

Do Dan Forest and the NCGOP agree with Robinson’s repugnant views?

“Mark Robinson’s unapologetic views are hateful and appalling. With his refusal to apologize, Robinson has made his stance clear. Is this what NCGOP and Dan Forest stand for and agree with?” said NCDP Communications Director Austin Cook. “The NCGOP and Dan Forest should denounce these vile posts and take down the Robinson/Forest ads immediately.”

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Key Points:

  • On Facebook, [Robinson] says Hollywood is demonic. He bashes Black people for giving their “shekels” to satanic or Jewish movie producers. He insults famous women and sees cultural acceptance of homosexuality as part of a slide toward pedophilia and “the end of civilization as we know it.”
  • Robinson also said during the show that he doesn’t believe systemic racism exists. During a Spectrum debate earlier this month, he talked about the “unproven science” and “wild ideas of climate change,” despite widespread scientific agreement on the issue.
  • In one [social media post] from 2018, he said “half of black Democrats don’t realize they are slaves and don’t know who their masters are. The other half don’t care.”
  • In at least one post on his Facebook page, Robinson either jokes or suggests that former first lady Michelle Obama is a man. In 2017, he called former President Barack Obama “a worthless, anti-American atheist who wanted to bring this nation to its knees, then raise it back to its feet as a European style socialist hell hole.”
  • He apologizes for none of this… “I’m not ashamed of anything that I post.”