June 14, 2021/Media, Press

New Video Series: North Carolina Students Thank President Biden for Returning a Sense of Normalcy

The North Carolina Democratic Party (NDCP) launched a video series today highlighting students from across the state speaking to their experience of life getting back to normal as compared to this time last year thanks to President Biden and the American Rescue Plan. The videos will be released over the course of the week on NCDP’s Twitter.

Due to soaring COVID-19 cases in June of 2020, students across North Carolina had to sacrifice countless key milestones and were set back due to the absence of in-person learning, missing out on birthdays, school dances and graduation ceremonies. Since the moment he took office, President Biden has prioritized getting kids back to school and returning a sense of normalcy to their lives by getting the coronavirus pandemic under control. By ramping up testing and state-wide vaccine distribution programs funded by the American Rescue Plan, nearly two million Americans kids under the age of 17 are vaccinated.

Click here to view the first video in the series.

“Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, North Carolina students are feeling a sense of normalcy returning to their lives with shots in arms, schools reopening, and high school proms and graduations back on schedule,” said NCDP Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty. “The Biden administration has stayed laser-focused on working to increase vaccine supply and expand vaccination sites to get life back on track for young people in North Carolina and all across the country. The difference between North Carolina students’ lives today compared to this time last year is night and day and is especially welcomed at the kick-off of summer.”