August 10, 2020/Media, Press

NC Democrats Blast Trump’s EO Undermining Social Security

Democrats across North Carolina blasted Donald Trump’s Executive Order aimed at undermining Social Security just days before the anniversary of the Social Security Act.

Experts say if Trump goes through with his plan to extend a payroll tax holiday throughout a second term, Social Security “benefits will stop” and the Trust Fund will be depleted. In his budgets for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021, Trump proposed cutting $2 trillion from Social Security and Medicare over 10 years, even while hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians currently receive Social Security benefits.

What they’re saying: 

“President Trump’s actions this weekend undermine the integrity of the Social Security trust fund and put the financial stability of millions of North Carolina seniors at risk. To sign this kind of executive order, especially during a recession when millions of people remain unemployed, is an unconscionable attempt to fulfill a right-wing partisan agenda. North Carolinians know that Social Security benefits will not be safe if Donald Trump wins a second term. Our seniors have earned this money, and for many, their livelihoods depend on it. Joe Biden understands that Social Security is not a poker chip — it’s a promise to our seniors that we cannot break.” 
– Wayne Goodwin, North Carolina Democratic Party Chair

“Before leaving for the Hamptons for a high-dollar fundraiser, President Trump has unlawfully signed Executive Orders that appropriate federal dollars without Congressional approval.  His actions are inadequate to meet the emergency needs of families, state and local governments, small business, and frontline workers. President Trump’s Executive Order will endanger the long-term stability of the Social Security Trust Fund. The Fund was facing a revenue shortfall prior to the Pandemic and now Trump’s actions will further deplete the fund.  It is foreseeable that the Social Security Trust Fund could run out of money within ten years which would reduce retirement payments by 31% … Our seniors depend on Social Security and Medicare for their health and economic security.  If enforced, the Executive Order will create another national emergency.”
– Representative G.K. Butterfield (NC-1)

“The strong bipartisan concern over President Trump’s unilateral attempt to jeopardize Social Security and Medicare funding makes it clear that this administration has no intention of negotiating in good faith. Seniors have earned Social Security over their lifetime of hard work, and we need to protect and strengthen the economic security so many people depend on. This isn’t a partisan issue – we all need to work together to ensure everyone’s economic future.”
– Deborah Ross, Democratic Nominee (NC-2)

“Under the guise of helping people in need, President Trump has issued an Executive Order that will undermine the solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund. This sleight of hand will put at risk the social security benefits that hard working people have earned and are depending on for their retirement years. Equally egregious, his order to delay the collection of payroll taxes does nothing to help people who are currently out of work and desperately need additional relief during the economic meltdown, which has been exacerbated by his failure to lead this county out of the pandemic.  As the Representative for the 6th District, I will work tirelessly to make sure we keep our promises to our seniors and protect Social Security for future generations.”
– Kathy Manning, Democratic Nominee (NC-6)