August 10, 2020/Media, Press

Does Tillis Support Trump’s Cuts to Unemployment Insurance, Medicare, Social Security?

Tillis silent as other Republicans call out Trump’s potentially unconstitutional move

Over the weekend, President Trump announced several new executive orders that effectively cut federal emergency unemployment benefits in half and defund Social Security and Medicare.

Experts already say the executive orders could have “catastrophic fiscal effects” on programs including Social Security and Medicare, leaving them “on even shakier ground.” Some Republicans have even called out Trump’s potentially unconstitutional move. Yet Senator Tillis has yet to say whether he supports President Trump’s orders or not.

Tillis has a long history attacking Medicare and Social Security. Tillis voted for a massive corporate tax giveaway after suggesting paying for tax cuts by cutting programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Before voting for the 2017 GOP tax bill, Senator Tillis said that we have to “potentially fund tax reform through opening up entitlements, fixing entitlements, and bending the curve on spending on entitlements,” and said, “We have to have people that are courageous enough to do it” — comments NCDP highlighted in our first ad of the general election.

Now, North Carolinians deserve to know if Senator TIllis is “courageous enough” to stand behind President Trump’s executive orders undermining Medicare and Social Security, or if he’ll join other Republicans and break with Trump.

“Does Senator Tillis support President Trump’s executive order that could have ‘catastrophic’ effects on Social Security and Medicare, or will he stand up against the President’s reckless move that will leave seniors worse off?” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “Once again, Senator Tillis is silent on President Trump and refuses to stand up to him even as he slashes unemployment relief and endangers Social Security and Medicare during a pandemic.”