September 10, 2021/Media, Press

Latest Negative Attack Ad In #NCSEN GOP Primary Another Sign Of Messy & Expensive Infighting

Attacks are flying in the Republican primary for North Carolina’s open U.S. Senate seat. In the latest example, Club For Growth — an ultra-conservative group backing Congressman Ted Budd — is airing a new television ad attacking Budd’s primary rival, former Governor Pat McCrory. The ad highlights McCrory’s losing record, crediting his gubernatorial loss to his comments “publicly trashing” former President Trump and calling him a “disloyal, liberal, loser.” 

This marks Club For Growth’s second attack ad of the cycle against McCrory after launching an Olympics-themed ad this summer that called him a “fool.” The group has already committed to spend millions to prop up Congressman Budd’s campaign, and this is yet another sign that the GOP primary will be a messy, long, and expensive fight to the finish. 

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