February 25, 2022/Media, Press

ICYMI: North Carolina Democrats Slam GOP U.S. Senate Candidates For Misguided Priorities Ahead Of First Primary Debate

Today, NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson, State Senator Natalie Murdock, Communications Workers of America (CWA) union member Grant Welch, and Cary parent Sarah Stoeckel held a press conference previewing the type of nasty infighting and misguided priorities that will be on display at the first GOP U.S. Senate primary debate. 

“North Carolinians shouldn’t mistake tomorrow’s debate for the catfights they may be accustomed to on a weekend reality show. They deserve leaders that put aside petty politics to get stuff done for them and their families. But when given the chance, Ted Budd, Pat McCrory, and Mark Walker haven’t had a plan other than opposing anything the Biden administration does to lower costs and create jobs,” said NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson.

“When I speak to my constituents, I hear time and time again that they want leaders who will stop with political games and work to get things done for the people. Throughout this primary, Ted Budd, Pat McCrory, and Mark Walker have proven that they have forgotten about North Carolina voters and what they are looking for in a leader,” said State Senator Natalie Murdock.

“President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is so important to union members and working people across North Carolina. That’s why it is so egregious that every single GOP U.S. Senate candidate opposed it. North Carolinians deserve an explanation from that stage of candidates tomorrow. Politicians who abandon North Carolina workers for their own gain have no place representing us, and certainly not someone who doesn’t even have the courage to show up,” said CWA Union Member Grant Welch.

“As a mom, I am no stranger to meltdowns and fits. But sadly, these Republican U.S. Senate candidates may be giving my kids a run for their money. The negativity and desperate attacks are not what North Carolina voters are looking for in leaders,” said Sarah Stoeckel, Cary parent.