March 1, 2022/Media, Press

ICYMI: Ahead of the State of the Union Address, NC Democrats Tout President Biden’s Work to Build a Better America While Republicans Want to Raise Income Taxes

Today, North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson, NC State AFL-CIO Vice President Grant Welch, Raleigh parent Antoine Marshall and Apex parent Kim Brugh held a press conference ahead of President Biden’s first State of the Union address to highlight how President Biden and Democrats have laid out their vision to lower costs for North Carolinians, including by passing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and American Rescue Plan, while Republicans want to raise income taxes and are failing to put forward a single plan to cut costs for working families.

Watch the full event here.

“Tonight, President Biden will deliver his first State of the Union address of his presidency. Less than 100 days on the job, President Biden and Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan to provide historic relief to North Carolinians and Americans across the country. On infrastructure, President Biden got done in one year what President Trump couldn’t in four. While President Biden and Democrats are working to lower costs, Republicans have no plan to lower costs for Americans or fight inflation,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson

“As the Vice President of North Carolina’s AFL-CIO, I know firsthand how much of an impact President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is making for our members and North Carolinians across the state. Our number one priority is jobs – standing up for our members and making sure that good jobs are created for everyone. We all want good quality jobs that provide for ourselves and our families. We all deserve a chance to provide a stable future. It’s a shame that every Republican from North Carolina in the U.S. House voted against this critical bill that will put North Carolinians to work,” said NC AFL-CIO Vice President Grant Welch

“One of my greatest joys in life is being a three time girl dad. On the campaign trail, President Biden regularly said ‘don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget and it will show what you value.’ With the American Rescue Plan Biden and the Democrats have shown they value investing in the future of our country, our children. Meanwhile, I have seen nothing from Republicans that shows interest in bettering the lives of my family,” said Raleigh parent Antoine Marshall

“A lot has changed for the better since President Biden took office, but for me and my family, the American Rescue Plan which passed last March has made the biggest difference in terms of lowering costs. It hits a nerve knowing that while President Biden and Democrats are working towards building a country where all families can succeed, Republicans are working to raise income taxes on half of Americans,” said Apex parent Kim Brugh