May 2, 2022/Media, Press

GOP Rings in Older Americans Month With Attacks on Seniors’ Benefits

To mark the start of Older Americans Month, Republicans are putting North Carolina seniors’ Medicare and Social Security benefits at risk by pushing a plan that calls for sunsetting all federal legislation – including Medicare and Social Security – after five years. 

While North Carolina Democrats are standing by seniors to protect Medicare and Social Security, the Republican plan could put over two million North Carolinians’ health coverage and over two million North Carolinians’ Social Security payments on the chopping block.

North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson released the following statement:

“While North Carolina Democrats are reaffirming our commitment to our state’s seniors this Older Americans Month, Republicans want to sunset Medicare and Social Security, which millions of North Carolina seniors rely on. For generations, North Carolinians have been paying into these systems with the promise that they will one day get to see the benefits — but the Republican plan could put that promise in jeopardy.

“Meanwhile, President Biden and North Carolina Democrats are working for, not against, our seniors by lowering health care costs and pushing to bolster Social Security and cut drug prices. North Carolina seniors’ choice this month couldn’t be clearer – while North Carolina Democrats are fighting to protect seniors’ hard-earned benefits, Republicans’ only plan could sunset the programs they depend on.”

While Republicans are threatening seniors’ hard earned benefits, President Biden and Democrats have proposed measures to bolster Social Security and responsibly reduce the deficit without touching Medicare or Social Security by making billionaires pay their fair share in taxes – while also lowering costs for working families.