March 5, 2020/Media, Press

Democrats Celebrate One of the Most Diverse Council of State Slates in Recent History

Democratic slate is 70% women or people of color, Republican slate is 80% white men

Raleigh – After the results of Tuesday’s primary contest, North Carolina Democrats are proud to celebrate one of the most diverse Council of State slates in recent history. 

Democrats have nominated five women for roles on the Council of State: 

  • Secretary of State Elaine Marshall
  • State Auditor Beth Wood
  • Democratic nominee for Commissioner of Agriculture Jenna Wadsworth
  • Democratic nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction Jen Mangrum
  • Democratic nominee for Labor Commissioner Jessica Holmes.

Democrats will nominate one more woman at the conclusion of the Lieutenant Governor’s race between Rep. Yvonne Holley and Sen. Terry Van Dyun. 

In addition to strong representation for women candidates, voters have also nominated two people of color, Democratic nominee for Treasurer Ronnie Chatterji and Jessica Holmes, and one nominee who identifies with the LGBTQ+ community, Jenna Wadsworth. 

“We are so proud to have a Council of State slate which truly looks like North Carolina,” said Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Meredith Cuomo. “Democrats remain committed to ensuring a diverse set of leaders, and believe a more representative state leadership will better help move our state forward for all of our citizens.” 

More than half a million people cast Democratic ballots during early voting this year, and major Democratic enthusiasm continued through election day as nearly 200,000 more votes were cast in the 2020 primary than in the 2016 primary. Democrats are fired up and ready to support candidates who reflect them and their values and to elect a slate that represents the diversity of the Tar Heel State. 

In contrast, Republicans have chosen a slate consisting of 80% white men, with only one person of color and one woman nominee. Meanwhile, their party’s chosen standard bearer continues to make headlines for his “passion for divisiveness.