October 1, 2020/Media

5 Key Questions Senator Tillis Must Answer At Tonight’s Debate

From his record attacking North Carolinians’ health care to recent comments seeking to undermine faith in our elections, Senator Tillis has yet to be straight with North Carolinians on some of the most important issues facing our state. North Carolinians deserve answers to these five key questions in tonight’s debate:

  1. Do you now believe that North Carolinians should not vote by mail after you stated last week that you have “grave concerns” that vote by mail will be used to “create civil unrest and questions about whether or not the election was fair,” and will you recommit to expressing faith in our election process?
  2. Why are you still supporting a president who refuses to condemn white supremacy, and will you pressure him unequivocally to denounce white supremacists rather than merely saying you’ll “leave it to the president” to do so?
  3. Will you ask President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to recuse themselves from any potential 2020 presidential election issues after declining to answer questions about it yesterday?
  4. Why does your PROTECT Act leave vital protections on the “cutting room floor,” and why have you bragged that you “literally” stole lines from the Affordable Care Act while voting more than 15 times to kill the same law?
  5. If Medicaid expansion were on the ballot, which you suggested you’d be open to in an interview with the same outlet hosting tonight’s debate, would you vote in favor of or against expanding health care access?