October 15, 2021/Media, Press

5 Days 5 Ways: Funding A Sound Basic Education Helps North Carolina Job Preparation

A strong foundation from early education through high school is necessary for North Carolina students to succeed personally and professionally. By fully funding a sound basic education, these students would receive new and additional resources to make sure they leave high-school ready to take the next step into the workforce or college. It’s time to make important investments to strengthen the pipeline from schools to jobs. 

“North Carolina students deserve every resource available to prepare them for their next steps following high-school graduation,” said NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson. “Whether post-secondary education or entering the workforce, by starting in middle school these students will have a jumpstart on the skills and tools needed to excel.” 

Fully funding a sound basic education would provide additional funds for career and technical education program students, allow schools to work more closely with local community colleges, and expand the College Advising Corps to provide more hands-on college advisors in public schools. It’s past time to make big, meaningful investments in our kids, our schools, our educators, and our future. Now is the time for our legislators to take action and fully fund a sound basic education.