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Coalitions & Community Engagement

Coalitions & Community Engagement Team

Shawntay Anthony, Director
Geoff Simmons, Field Organizer
Now Hiring, Associate

Coalitions & Community Engagement Department

Our NCDP Coalitions & Community Engagement Department develops and executes events and outreach  programs to reach, engage, and mobilize key stakeholders, communities, and coalitions in support of winning elections and helping to build Democratic power throughout North Carolina.

We cultivate and manage relationships with the NCDP committees and affiliated organizations, elected officials, state coalitions and community organizations, surrogates and volunteers, etc., as well as, coordinate Eva Clayton Fellowship development and collaborate with other our NCDP departments to support constituency organizers, mobilization efforts, data needs, communications work, and so much more.


Black & Brown Women’s Round Table

A dialogue about empowering and supporting Black and Brown women; while recognizing the opportunities, obstacles and barriers in politics.





Chop It Up-NC Virtual Sessions & Resources

The “Chop It Up NC” event series is a Men of Color focused discussion on state and national policy and politics and how it affects black and brown communities across North Carolina!

Men of Color are critical to the Democratic coalition in North Carolina and we must do all we can to engage their diverse concerns in an authentic way, year-round, in order to turn North Carolina blue.



InterFaith Outreach PPT & Resources

Voter engagement and education to faith based communities to promote collaborations with their respective communities to encourage active and engaged voter participation.


Virtual Women of Color Events

Women of Color Session Discussions and recordings from the virtual sessions held during the pandemic.  Resource videos shown during the annual Women of Color Leadership Forum.




Cultural Events (Heritage Month sessions, Topical Panels, etc)

Collection of recordings from events and panels in support of general topics and representative of communities throughout the state.



A two-phase, mentorship program with the intention to empower women in politics; phase one involves interviews of women in leadership responding to both baseline and individualized questions.  Phase two involves round table discussions with the women featured.

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