May 6, 2020/Press

Tillis Back in DC to Push More Conservative Judges, Not More Coronavirus Relief

Senator Tillis returned to Washington, D.C., this week – but rather than fight for additional relief for North Carolinians struggling with the coronavirus, he’s pushing to confirm another far-right judge handpicked by Mitch McConnell.
McConnell and Senate Republicans held a hearing today on Mitch McConnell’s political acolyte Justin Walker. Walker’s appointment is controversial – he has been rated “Not Qualified” by the American Bar Association, and the court’s chief judge has questioned whether there were “ethical improprieties” in how the position he’s seeking to fill was opened.
Walker also holds dangerous beliefs out of step with North Carolinians. According to a new report, Walker is “still unhappy” about the Supreme Court ruling that upheld the Affordable Care Act and protections for North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions. Today’s hearing comes the same day that written arguments are due in the Republican lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act, an effort Senator Tillis supports
While Senator Tillis pushes unqualified judges to lifetime appointments, North Carolina continues to fight the coronavirus. Last week, the state projected a $4 billion budget shortfall because of the coronavirus, a “big gap” that Tillis has already ruled out filling with additional federal aid. Earlier this week, more than 1 million people officially filed for unemployment insurance and began receiving “bottom-of-the-barrel” benefits orchestrated by Senator Tillis when he was Speaker of the NC House.
“Rather than fighting for more aid for North Carolinians hurt by the coronavirus, Senator Tillis is back in Washington to push through yet another unqualified judge who is hostile to protections North Carolinians depend on,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Senator Tillis’ values and priorities are on full display today.”