December 18, 2019/Press

***SCOOP*** on Pat McCrory’s Announcement

Raleigh — This afternoon, remaining true to attention-seeking form, Pat McCrory tweeted that he is opening up his announcement tomorrow morning to press. In recent weeks, and, let’s be honest, since Governor Cooper beat him, McCrory has refused to give a straightforward answer as to whether or not he will run for governor in 2020.

He’s kept things purposefully vague presumably to drive traffic to his radio show and boost ratings – but the NCDP has the scoop: tomorrow morning, Pat McCrory will announce his plan to form an exploratory committee for a run for the United States Senate in 2022.

Robert Howard, spokesperson for the North Carolina Democratic Party, said, “The manufactured drama of this announcement is just textbook McCrory. His desperate attempts to garner media attention in any form prove that he refuses to confront the message North Carolina voters sent him at the ballot box in 2016. But he’s evidently learned one thing: Pat McCrory knows he does not have a prayer in getting through the Republican gubernatorial primary in North Carolina let alone facing off against Governor Cooper again.”