October 13, 2017/Press

Rep. Pittenger Votes NO on Disaster Relief Package Despite Calling for More Federal Aid and Continually Attacking Gov. Cooper for “Dragging His Feet”

Raleigh – Last night, nearly all of North Carolina’s Republican Congressional delegation voted against a $36.5 billion disaster relief package even though many NC communities are still waiting on federal funding to fully recover from Hurricane Matthew.
One “No” stood out from the rest: Rep. Pittenger (NC-09), who represents some of the counties hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew. His vote stood out precisely because he has said North Carolina “absolutely” needs more assistance; he’s even stressed how he’s working “behind-the-scenes” to secure additional funding for those hit by Matthew:
  • “North Carolina has already received over $1 billion in federal disaster assistance. Do we need more? Absolutely.” (ABC11, 5/15/17)
  • “As your Congressman, I am actively engaged in securing additional funding and assistance to help those in need.” (ABC11, 5/15/17)

Even more hypocritically, Rep. Pittenger has attacked Governor Cooper on the state’s aid efforts since day one, claiming Gov. Cooper is “dragging his feet” and attacking the Governor for writing to HUD requesting more federal assistance.

Yet, when it came time for Rep. Pittenger to put his votes where his mouth is and actually support disaster relief, he voted no.

Instead of playing knee-jerk partisan politics and making a show about what he claims he’s doing, Rep. Pittenger could work constructively and with our state leaders to bring much needed relief to Matthew victims. Or he could call on President Trump to fast track federal aid and donate any campaign funds raised in NC on the anniversary of Matthew, much as local elected officials from Rep. Pittenger’s district did this past weekend.

“Representative Pittenger can play the partisan politics blame game and release all the statements touting his efforts he wants, but what matters to his constituents are his votes,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “To vote no on disaster relief while so many are still suffering in unconscionable. It’s time he stops dragging his feet and stops working behind the scenes and actually delivers more federal aid to the people of south east North Carolina.”