March 26, 2020/Press

NCDP Announces Official Delegate Counts for North Carolina Delegation to the National Convention

Raleigh – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party announced the certified results of the Super Tuesday Presidential primary, after the State Board of Elections released the official voter turnout data. The official delegation is as follows:

  • Vice President Joe Biden earned 68 delegates
  • Senator Bernie Sanders earned 37 delegates
  • Mayor Mike Bloomberg earned three delegates
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren earned two delegates

The full delegate counts by congressional district can be found HERE. Background Information on Democratic Presidential Primary Process can be found HERE.

“North Carolina is one of the most important battlegrounds in 2020, and Democrats will decide who wins the White House and Congress this November,” said Chairman of North Carolina Democratic Party, Wayne Goodwin. “The untold story of Super Tuesday was the major Democratic enthusiasm we saw across North Carolina, which is only an indicator of good things to come for North Carolina Democrats this fall.”

Overall, Board of Election numbers indicate high voter turnout and enthusiasm for Democratic Candidates. In North Carolina, turnout increased from more than 1.1 million with all votes counted to more than 1.3 million. Democrats will take this enthusiasm into the general election this November.