December 22, 2021/Media, Press

YEAR IN REVIEW: President Biden Delivered for the Tar Heel State

President Biden, Vice President Harris and Democrats delivered for North Carolinians in 2021, despite unprecedented challenges and GOP opposition. In one year, the Biden-Harris administration passed two of the most important pieces of economic legislation in decades. Take a look at what President Biden’s accomplished for the Tar Heel State in 2021: 

AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN: President Biden and Congressional Democrats acted quickly to pass the American Rescue Plan, which boosted the economy and provided funding to get 490 million shots in arms, saved 1.1 million American lives, prevented 10.3 million hospitalizations, opened 99% of schools, delivered monthly tax cuts for nearly 2 million families in North Carolina, and much more.

BIPARTISAN INFRASTRUCTURE LAW: President Biden and Congressional Democrats worked across the aisle to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. In North Carolina, the historic bill will repair and rebuild 1,460 bridges and over 3,116 miles of highway in poor condition, provide $910 million over the next five years to improve public transportation, invest $100 million to expand high-speed internet, and much more