September 3, 2020/Media, Press

Will Tillis Get a Coronavirus Test?

“Representatives for Tillis’ campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment”

Senator Tillis was caught not following coronavirus precautions last week at the White House RNC event, but still has not been truthful with North Carolinians on whether he has taken a coronavirus test and received a negative result.

Now, he’s ducking questions on it. His campaign did not respond to requests for comment on whether he’s taken a coronavirus test, even as he continues to campaign in person. Yesterday, Tillis was caught again not wearing a mask at an in-person event — seemingly failing his own standard again. And today, Tillis attended an inside, in-person event today with Vice President Pence where few people were seen wearing a mask.

“Senator Tillis’ decision to attend a crowded White House event, seemingly not get tested afterwards, and then continue to campaign in person is reckless and dangerous,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “North Carolinians deserve to know if Tillis has taken a coronavirus test, and why he’s not suspending in-person campaigning until he receives a negative result.”


Cardinal and Pine: After Maskless Appearance at Trump Speech, Should Thom Tillis Take a Coronavirus Test?
By Billy Ball
September 2, 2020

Key Points:

  • After a maskless US Sen. Thom Tillis was captured on camera at President Trump’s Republican National Convention speech last week, state Democrats are calling on Tillis to suspend all in-person events until he receives a negative coronavirus test.
  • Tillis, the Republican incumbent, has been relatively outspoken in his party when it comes to masks and social distancing, although he apologized last week for removing his mask during the Trump event.
  • The senator’s campaign snapped a photo of him wearing a mask beforehand, but photos of the event showed him sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with dozens at the Trump speech. Most were not wearing masks.
  • Gov. Roy Cooper ordered a mandatory mask requirement in June, citing the advice of public health experts, epidemiologists and a White House coronavirus task force.  There is mounting evidence that face masks are helpful in preventing the spread of coronavirus, and it is being recommended by numerous national and international health organizations.
  • Tillis was reportedly on hand for Trump’s event in Wilmington Wednesday, and he’s also expected to attend an anti-abortion rights event with Vice President Mike Pence in Raleigh Thursday, along with Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.
  • Representatives for Tillis’ campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday, although some outlets applauded the senator for at least issuing an apology last week.