December 11, 2020/Media, Press

Statement on NCGOP’s Congressional Delegation’s Contempt for Democracy

RALEIGH – Seven Republican members of North Carolina’s Congressional delegation have signed on to a dangerous amicus brief in a Texas lawsuit to invalidate millions of legally-cast votes and from four key swing states that voted for President-elect Joe Biden. The North Carolina Republicans who joined the brief include Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09), Rep. Ted Budd (NC-13), Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC-05), Rep. Richard Hudson (NC-08), Rep. Gregory F. Murphy (NC-03), Rep. Mark Walker (NC-02) and Rep. David Rouzer (NC-07).

This is just the latest longshot and unconstitutional attempt to overthrow a fair election. With 55 losses in court, Trump and his allies’ cases have been rejected by the Supreme Court and nearly every judge who has ruled on them.

NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin has released the following statement: 

“The NCGOP never ceases to amaze with their continued contempt for a free and fair Democracy.  After years of un-democratic behavior to give themselves a leg up, North Carolina Republicans are willing to sacrifice the bedrock of our democracy for a reality TV host who would rather watch Fox News than save the lives of the thousands of Americans dying every day from COVID-19. These Congressional Republicans and others supporting this last-ditch effort are a disgrace. Further, to actively promote the dismissal of millions of legally-cast ballots and the will of the voters is seditious, unpatriotic, despotic, and dangerous. We call for these legislators and the NCGOP to immediately denounce this bad faith attempt to overturn our country’s strong and necessary peaceful transfer of power.”