June 22, 2022/Media, Press

REMINDER: NC Republicans Voted Against Solutions to Help Lower Gas Prices

As President Biden pushes to suspend the federal gas tax, the entire Republican U.S. House delegation from North Carolina, including U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Ted Budd, have a history of voting against solutions

Today, President Biden is calling on Congress to pass a three month federal gas tax holiday as part of his efforts to lower inflated gas prices caused by Putin’s price hike. The president’s efforts stand in stark contrast with North Carolina Republicans, including U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Ted Budd, who have repeatedly voted against measures that would help lower gas prices and help combat inflation. Last week, North Carolina Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted against the Lower Food & Fuel Costs Act and in May they voted against a bill that would help prevent oil and gas companies from price gouging. 

“While President Biden and North Carolina Democrats are laser focused on lowering costs, Republicans are more interested in inflicting their extreme, ultra-MAGA agenda than joining Democrats in passing solutions,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty.

Specifically, the Lower Food & Fuel Costs Act passed by House Democrats last week would help lower costs by: 

  • Increasing competition in the meat and poultry industries to prevent artificially high pricing
  • Making E15 fuel available year-round and encouraging production of biofuels
  • Making fertilizer more accessible to farmers to help lower produce costs
  • Creating a supply chain task force

These “no” votes are the latest in a long pattern of Republicans actively working against cutting costs for working North Carolinians and addressing supply chain issues. In the past few months, House Republicans have also voted against bills to address the infant formula shortage, cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month, and more. Additionally, every congressional Republican voted against the American Rescue Plan, which has saved North Carolinians money on everything from their health care premiums to rent or mortgage to child care costs, and more.