September 16, 2021/Media, Press

QUICK CLIP: After Welcoming Trump Endorsement, Pat McCrory Launches Bitter Attacks Against The Trump-Backed Candidate

On a recent radio show appearance, Pat McCrory attacked his opponents for seeking endorsements, claiming it’s because “they have no record,” however, McCrory earlier this year said “he’d welcome” former President Trump’s endorsement.


“My opponents are out there seeking all these endorsements because they have no record. 

“Any politician who has to get endorsements to even have a chance to win — I’m going that means they can’t stand on their record. 

“I haven’t asked one public official, former or current, for an endorsement.” 

“At every turn, these primary rivals are injecting more bitterness and more chaos into this increasingly nasty primary,” said NCDP spokeswoman Kate Frauenfelder. “Every single Republican running for U.S. Senate wanted Trump’s endorsement, and now this race has devolved into a circular firing squad with every candidate focused on tearing each other down.”

Club for Growth, a group backing Budd’s bid for U.S. Senate, is spending millions of dollars on television to boost awareness of former President Trump’s endorsement and attack McCrory. In recent weeks, McCrory has been calling on Budd to “come clean” about his involvement with a business that cost farmers millions of dollars and that he claims partnered with George Soros.