August 28, 2020/Media

NCDP Statement on COVID-19 Outbreak at the RNC in Charlotte

Following news that several delegates and staff members at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte tested positive for COVID-19, NCDP Communications Director Austin Cook released the following statement:

“Bringing hundreds of people together in our state during a pandemic was a slap to the face to the Charlotte community and all North Carolinians. This president has shown that even in the middle of a public health crisis, nothing is more important to him than a crowd — even if it means risking lives.

“Last week’s Democratic National Convention was an example of how to convey our Party’s message of unity to voters without putting anyone’s health at risk. By contrast, for the Republicans to hold their convention in Charlotte was a reckless, short-sighted attempt to soothe Donald Trump’s ego, and it should call even more attention to the maskless crowds that gathered for Wednesday and Thursday night’s RNC events. Holding these gatherings is an enormous breach of public trust, and Trump and his Republican enablers must be held accountable at the ballot box.”